Service Guide

Now, you can seek the hot jobs from over hundreds of hi-tech and design companies under HKSTP's network

In this service platform, you can SEARCH jobs and  SUBMIT job applications by your registered account. Register with us now to enjoy these free services.

Instructions to job seekers:

Account Registration

  1. Click "Registration" button on the top menu bar or click the hyperlink in user login box.
  2. Complete the form. ( * field is mandatory)
  3. For "Personal Information and CV", you can choose who can view your personal information submitted. You can let all employer companies to search or viewed your information (Open) or only employers of the vacancy you applied to view your information (Private).
  4. Click "Save" to submit the form.
  5. "Registration Success" message will be shown upon submission.
  6. Login with the username and password at the Job Seeker login box.

Forget Password

  1. Click "Forget Password " hyperlink in the Job Seeker login box.
  2. Input your username and email address that you're registered with us previously.
  3. Click "Submit"
  4. An email with your account password will be sent to your registered email account.

Profile Update

  1. User has to login the registered account to update the profile.
  2. If user does not login yet, "Quick Login" page will be shown for user to login or register new member account.
  3. Upon successful login or registration, user can click "Profile Update" button to modify the personal profile and upload updated CV. Please note that your CV will be permanently deleted if it has been kept in our system for more than 180 days since last login.
  4. Complete the form. (Note that * field is mandatory)
  5. Click "Save" to submit the form.
  6. You're recommended to update your information from time-to-time so as to let employers get your most updated profile.Please note that employers/member companies can only assess your suitability for the position by viewing your profile page.

Job Search

  1. Click "Search" button of the top menu bar for job searching.
  2. Input your search criteria. If you leave it blank, all current jobs in this platform will be shown.
  3. Click "Search" to start the searching.

If you're viewing your Job Result List:

  1. The search result is shown in "Job Result List" table format.
  2. Each page contains up to 25 records. If the list excesses, user can use "PREV", "NEXT" button and page pull-down menu to change the pages.
  3. Click the column field to sort data in order.
  4. Click the position of the job record to display the job detail.
  5. If there is a job advertisement attachment, "Download Here" hyperlink will be appeared in the "Job Attachment" field. User can click the link to download or view the attachment.
  6. Click "Quick Apply" to apply the specific job.
  7. Click "Back" to go back to selected job list and continue other job selection process.
  8. Click "Add Cart" to put the job record to your job cart for viewing the job details and bulk application collectively.
  9. To view the job in cart, click "View my job cart" button.

When you're applying the job(s):

  1. Your personal profile form will be shown.
  2. You can update the profile before the application is sent.
  3. Click "Save and Apply" to save the reviewed profile and send the application to the employer.

When you're viewing "My Job List"

  1. All "Add to Cart" job(s) will be shown in the list.
  2. User can filter which job(s) are needed to apply by ticking the checkbox of specific Job.
  3. If you need to apply all jobs in the list, simply click the "Select All" checkbox at the top.
  4. When finished filtering, click "Apply" button.
  5. Your profile will be shown for review and update before the application is sent.
  6. Click "Save and Apply" to save the profile. Job applications will then be sent to       the employers of jobs selected in one time.
  7. "Application Sent" message will be shown upon submission.